Like A Fox

Kid Acne, South Yorks rapper and wall-dauber extraordinaire, has added another example of knitted splendour to his collection of designs:

(Photos from his website: click through to see the development from warrior-woman illustration to knitting pattern to garment.)

What I love about this – apart from the texture of the foxfur pattern, and the dead-x eyes and little fangs, and the extravagantly full tail – is the way it turns the odd, archaic idea of the stuffed fox round the neck into something sharp and sinister. There’s no way of telling if an intarsia fox is a taxidermied curiosity or fresh kill: wearing it would put you in a sexy nowhere between gin-soaked old lady and fearsome huntress.

There are three techniques in this garment that would give me pause: intarsia (never done it), stranded colourwork (never done it successfully, fear it flat), and the t-shape construction without shoulder shaping or separate arms. And all that considered, I want this jumper so much I’m prepared to master all qualms about method and form, because I just do love it.

3 thoughts on “Like A Fox

  1. I am not sure I would wear it but I like the sweater. I do think that the tail should extend beyond the sweater back as if it is real and has merged into the back!

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