So, Webster Jr (the sewing side of our sisterly craft nexus) has not only made me a ribbon for my Matilda Jane cardigan (which I will, I will, I will show you) but is also one zip-placing session away from making me a skirt. And I have done nothing – nothing at all – about making her something to wear in her classroom. Until Thursday, when I cast on for the Lamour slipover from Rowan 44.

The pattern has a lovely symmetry of leaf-lace pattern and leaf embellishment at the neck. It also has a strikingly rectangular shape, which I am not so keen on. But I am not afraid of a few divisions and multiplications:

No, I am not afraid at all:

Of course, all these beautiful numbers would have been a lot handier if I’d calculated them before I’d knitted past the point on the slipover where I’d need to start decreasing. Luckily, I like the look of that tight seed stitch edging enough to find the idea of working a skinny belt in it almost – almost – fun.

4 thoughts on “Rested

  1. Well it may take a little longer to finish the skirt due to illness and injury but I’m back on the sewing machine and working as fast as my F1 planning will allow. I think having a job where you can pretend that kitting is work is cheting! I can’t convince anyone that making a skirt has any relevence to 3 year olds.

  2. that looks really pretty, go Sarah on the complicated scribble maths! Was the orange pen you as well or did littlest one help with the workings out?


  3. Well done on the maths! I still haven’t got the right ribbon for my Matilda Jane and I am a bit fat in it now … so when I havelost weight (ha, ha!!) I really need to get one!

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