With Leigh’s encouragement (“it’s a kind of weaving with the sock as the frame”) and inspiration from Felix’s account of Celia Pym’s mending project (plus a little e-tutoring), I managed to turn a tight-foot that was more hole than heel:

into something that is more blue than brown, but definitely worthy of putting in a shoe again:

My first darn is inside out – my previous lumpy mends pursuaded me to do my sewing from the inside, which is completely the wrong approach here because it puts the raw edges of the stocking-foot in contact with the insole of my shoe which wore them away originally. But I really like the irregular shapes of the holes with the bright teal gleaming through, and maybe Leigh’s jumper idea is headed for my sketchbook…

2 thoughts on “Darned

  1. Wow, mentioned in dispatches. I am honoured.

    Your inside out darning has potential, what would you think about running blanket stitch around the raw edges, to give a scalloped look??

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