Finished: Urchin

Or: Paperhouse goes to see the tiniest lift in London. I think it was a converted dumb waiter or something.

Pattern: Urchin by Ysolda (on Ravelry).

Yarn: Rowan, Rowanspun Chunky.

Needles: Pony straights, 7.5mm.

I made this last year, but felt unsure about it for some reason or other and tucked it into my accessories drawer – I turned it out again by accident while rummaging for things to use in a Yarn Forward photoshoot and decided I really liked it. Making it was a breeze, and the simplicity was spiked with excitement by the sideways structure. Best of all, the hat has a structured shape, similar to a felt beret, and with my little military jacket I look like quite the little resistence fighter.

4 thoughts on “Finished: Urchin

  1. Looks like lack of oxygen in the lift got to you! Love that pattern but am still trying to decide whether I really believe that the Verity beret I made suits me and therefore whether I should make any more berets!

  2. For you to feel a lift is tiny it really must be very tiny- you’re so small! And I would like a beret too. You are now the pround (distant) owner of a black A-line skirt. Be impressed, and ignor the imperfections- it is unique!

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