Woke Up Elated

which is not how I normally feel, and definitely not how I normally feel with regard to politics, and especially not how I feel with regard to US politics. But, having spent most of the last seven years secretly fearing that I’ve delivered my children into the end-times of human history, with fundamentalists invading the heart of the West’s most powerful government and the leading superpower running a war-mongering foreign policy which shamelessly played out the worst of geopolitics – well, this has got to be better. And even if there is an unsustainable degree of romance about at the moment, this is still a pretty huge reason to believe in improvement.

Surprise of this morning: McCain in defeat is charming and respectful, containing his baying followers with substantial dignity. It’s a bit fucking late but it still gave me a choked-up feeling.

3 thoughts on “Woke Up Elated

  1. I feel… better. Not elated. But better. (But then I’m older than you, and when you get older, things take longer to work their way through your system. Things like drink, bitter resentment and fatalistic pessimism….)

    I know what you mean about bringing children into this world in the End of Days, but then, isn’t the best thing about Obama that we’re actually further away from that the closer we move to the end of Bush’s presidency?

    Funny about McCain, but I’m not sure that wasn’t the real McCain we saw. Before he ran for president, before he was seduced by Rovish tactics, before HER, he was, you know, human.

  2. I don’t feel the elation though. I also suspect that its due to age, in my case blatant middle age bordering on senility.

    Tony Blair is a mojor contributor in this lack of elation. I remember feeling elated and relieved and delivered from evil when he was elected. All those years of Torydom removed. But he let us down so I am expecting the same old same old combination of power corrupting and political compromise.

    Michael, that was a daring thing to do, blaming the woman. Are you sure this is the right blog to be doing that in?

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