The Freedom Of The Mail

The threat to our press

“Independence of the judiciary the Daily Mail to pursue matters of public interest hapless sluts who elope with moderately recognisable figures from the world of sport is the vital check keeping this once-great nation from sliding into the morass of fascism. What kind of world will we live in when people are free to privately engage in any kind of unimaginably depraved consensual sex act they like? And how can the British press perform its proper role of scrutinising the nation’s life without the freedom to call anyone a Nazi at any time, without any evidence? Also, I hate the BBC.”

3 thoughts on “The Freedom Of The Mail

  1. Brilliant. Well said.

    What I’m interested in: why does the BBC report this? it’s the second item the other morning! Are they that masochistic?

    (Probably why they go easy on Mosley… the BBC is a Kinky Sex Perv!)

  2. Oooh, the Society of Editors! do I get to be in that? is it like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, do you think?

    Also, hello? what’s with the BBC hate? Good heavens. BBC America was the only one actually reporting real news and not “hey look! Sarah Palin!” during our recent election…sad.

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