Reflected glory


Issue 29 of Official PlayStation Magazine came out this week, and this here spread is my contribution to it. Well, the words are. It’s the outcome of an interview with Tom of the brilliant, brilliant Mind Hacks blog who patiently talked me through what proprioception is and why Mirror’s Edge is so good at making you feel sick when you play it. It’s the piece of paid work that I’m most proud of so far, and it comes in a magazine that’s all round pretty beautifully put together. (Nepotism detectives: check the flannel panel.)

One thought on “Reflected glory

  1. I read this before I knew/realised it was you. It’s good, nice one. And I did read this blog as well – I just though I’d mention that now I know you’re reading mine. I sort of thought (hoped) no one was really paying attention.

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