New favourite song: Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours

It’s not all old Britpop and dismantling ancient Observer columns (hello, Aaro-watchers!) round the Paperhouse way. Sometimes it’s recent electropop on repeat while I do the washing up, and wondering how dance songs about romantic self-destruction fit into the busy life of an unemployed writer and domestic slattern. My new favourite song by Cut Copy has yearning ah-ah-ahs and aching oooh-ooooohs, a naggingly plinky synth riff and a deeply insistent bassline, and a lyric which covers both “burning” and “crashing down”, which are probably in the top ten things for a pop song to be about. If someone had been out to reverse-engineer a song for me to fall in love with, it would have sounded a lot like this.

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