New favourite song: Teenage Feeling

I’ve been listening to the new Neko Case album a lot lately. And, also, listening to her older albums. And the ones she did with her Boyfriends. And the New Pornographers. And just mostly listening to Neko Case, really – especially That Teenage Feeling. This song’s so brief (only 2:43) and sung with so much understatement it’s almost a sigh. “Now that we’ve met, we can only laugh at these regrets” croons Case, all romance, all detachment. “Now my heart is green as weeds, grown to outlive their season” – this tailing down to a low note as the lyrics minutely catch the feeling of youthful wants outgrown by time and circumstance. “It’s hard, it’s hard” she sings out at the end, carrying a treacherously long and high phrase as though it was the airiest thing possible.

3 thoughts on “New favourite song: Teenage Feeling

  1. Just a quick note to say that I only recently discovered your blog but I’ve really enjoyed reading.

    I’ve been writing my Our Man in Cameroon blog for sometime (for that’s where I am) but recently posted my first post at and covered a number of similar areas to you.

    You’re added to my RSS – I’ll be reading.

  2. I meant to say earlier that this song is great.

    It leapt out at me after you mentioned it here whilst I was slowly assimilating more Neko Case into my cd collection (I have to be careful what I buy or I’ll be banned from buying cds as well as books due to storage issues in our flat!)

    I think I would have picked up on it anyway but thanks for the heads up, so much more music to buy…

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