The mix-up

My dad is a king of mix-tapes. His great works have included “original versions of songs which are better known for a cover”, the Ian-Dury heavy “list songs” and the great, unending project to get every track in Dave Marsh’s Heart Of Rock And Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made onto cassette. And he made one for me this weekend, so I’ve been piecing together a reciprocal playlist. Jiggling stuff about on iPlayer isn’t quite as fun as working with a C90 – when you’ve finessed the track listing to the exact distance the tape has to unspool, everything has a feeling of rightness that can’t be found by any amount of matching up outros and intros. After the jump: the first seven tracks of my dadmix, seven songs I love because they come from the music my dad has always played me (and as Fleshisgrass asked me ages ago to name my seven songs of the spring – here they are).

Neko Case, People Got A Lotta Nerve

The Delays, Nearer Than Heaven

Spoon, Don’t You Evah

The Mae Shi, Run To Your Grave

Battles, Atlas

The Go Go’s, Lust To Love

Arctic Monkeys, Do Me A Favour

3 thoughts on “The mix-up

  1. When you mention your family in your blog I get a comfortable feeling that places me back with good friends. I can’t comment on the music though. I don’t know how much cause to allocate to hearing loss, and how much to old age. Hah.

  2. You know I love me a mixtape.

    Good to read this; I’ve been putting together TAPE and The Domestic Soundscape, which has a lot of love for mixtapes in it and plenty of found, family tapes.

    I think all music-sharing activities are sort of derived from the joy of The Mixtape…

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