And we’re off…

What’s the best way to deal with racists? Martin Parsons on Conservative Home says it’s to give them a little bit of what they want:

a sophisticated strategy is now needed to win back voters who both agree with the policies of the racist party concerned and have lost all faith in what the mainstream parties have to offer.

Part of that strategy needs to be a recognition that a significant part of the blame lies with Labour’s deeply flawed policy agenda of actively promoting ‘diversity’ in society coupled with the popular perception that certain groups are more favoured by the government than others. In a free society we rightly tolerate diversity, however, active promotion of it by the government is something quite different altogether.

Tolerate differences but not promote them. It’s the weasely language of Section 28 applied to everything – “A local authority shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality.” Or different faiths, languages, lifestyles under Parsons’ direction.

What counts as promotion? Presumably the Local Authorities of the UK haven’t been taking out advertising hording or offering financial incentives to get previously Christian English-speakers into the madrasahs or speaking Gudjarati. So “promotion” must mean something more subtle: if Parsons’ suggestion became a policy, it would probably cause Local Authorities to become wary of funding public celebrations for minority religious festivals or translation services.

Probably that would go some way to appeasing some of the 6% who voted BNP out of the 39% who showed up to vote. It would save councils a small amount of money. It would probably cut down public celebrations of religion to just the two Christian ones, despite the fact that Diwali, Eid-al-Fitr and Chinese New Year are huge public events in the cities where they’re celebrated and enjoyed by people from every background. (Enjoyed by me, anyway. I guess I really like street lighting and unusual sweets.) A bit like Doncaster’s Gay Pride event, which their English Democrat mayor is after axing even though he admits that he doesn’t know how much money it makes the town. And cutting translation would severely and pointlessly penalise first-generation immigrants while their children learn English anyway.

But at least it would bring a few racists home, I suppose.