How to make a magazine: The September Issue

Everyone knows that Anna Wintour is imperious, dictatorial and impeccable. The trailer for this behind-the-scenes-at-Vogue documentary promises to reinforce that image. Good news for us, because the scene of her telling Oscar de la Renta what’s in and out of his catwalk show looks mighty entertaining; good news for Wintour too, because I imagine that her ferocious reputation is the most valuable thing she’s got.

But what looks most interesting – for people infatuated with journalism and publishing, anyway – is the way this film follows in detail the process of putting together an issue of a magazine. September is the big month in Vogue’s year, and Anna critiques everything in hand-stitched detail: the fonts, the message, and above all the looks.

One thought on “How to make a magazine: The September Issue

  1. I can’t *wait* to see this. Not for the mag assembly, for the insight into the ice queen. And the clothes… Couldn’t help noticing from the trailer that AW’s desk/assistant seem to be arranged exactly like the set in The Devil Wears Prada. Aces. Christ I’m vacuous today. Ah well.

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