Attention any Chris Andersons who think that journalism can function as a hobby: it’s already being pushed that way, and it isn’t really helping.

A new report on social mobility has confirmed that the traditional career ladder of regional press journalists moving onto the nationals has all but ceased to exist.

The “Unleashing Aspiration” report on access to the professions published today predicts that unless action is taken, the journalists of the future will be drawn from the richest 25pc of families in the UK.

Among the reports’s findings were that while journalists and broadcasters born in 1958 typically grew up in families with income around 5.5pc above the national average, those born in 1970 grew up in families with incomes 42.4pc above the average.

“Typical journalists of the future will today be growing up in a family that is better off than three in four of all families in the UK,” it said.

Hold The Front Page, “Journalists of future ‘to come from richest 25pc'”

Newspapers and magazines use unpaid internships to get employees for free, subsidised by the aspiring hacks’ parents. And the only people who can afford to invest several post-uni years in backing their offsprings’ efforts towards an uncertain career outcome are rich people. Look forward to a future in which property prices, fashion wank and revulsion from poverty continue to be the agenda-setting issues. If, of course, anyone in the remaining 75% of the population can be arsed to read about it.

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