Comment Is Free: Blond’s witless take on abortion

Comment Is Free has published my response to Tory philosopher Phillip Blond’s statements on abortion:

More than anything, Red Toryism – the paternalistic credo with an eye on fixing our (allegedly) “broken society” – wants you to like it. The main proponent of Red Toryism is Phillip Blond, and in his interview with the Guardian over the weekend, he was quick to temper his anti-abortion rhetoric with some pro-lady noises. “For me,” says Blond, “women who choose not to have abortions are among the most moral creatures on these shores.”

I was at the beginning of my second year at university when I found out I was inconveniently and unexpectedly pregnant. I chose not to have an abortion, which I guess puts me in Blond’s awkwardly sentimental category of “moral creatures”. So, from the position of unearned ethical authority into which I have been corralled, perhaps I can explain exactly what is wrong with his argument when he says that “by and large, [abortion] should become an unacceptable practice. I would probably want to limit it to only the most extreme cases: rape, or when someone was very young, or incest.”

Read the rest here, and let me know if you brave the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Comment Is Free: Blond’s witless take on abortion

  1. It was a interesting article but I did brave the comments…

    Actually, for the most part it wasn’t that bad but it always amazes me how people are prepared to openly say I don’t know/I don’t have the facts but I believe … and then sum up large and horribly complex situations with short statement, like they are channelling their internal politicians and going for the ninety second answer (says Gee exposing his inner West Wing liberal president).

    I find the idea that there can be absolute opionions in such a complex moral grey area worrying and believe it or not, the last time I saw/read a good debate on this was on the Daily Show with Mike Huckabee talking with Jon Stewart because they were able to engage without shouting at each other and whilst the tone can be a little odd given it’s a comedy show, I thought it was intersting (here’s a link via the Huffington Post

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, if the aim of an article is to get you thinking then we have a success!

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