Weekend roundup

This week on Paperhouse: I’ve been assessing Liz Jones’ contribution to the conventions of casus belli; celebrating new and brilliant movie mag Filmstar; checking out some of the different charging options newspapers could choose from; and looking at how newspapers and advertisers try to wrangle round the separation of ads and editorial. I also got my first piece up on Comment Is Free at the Graun, and was almost disappointed that a comment thread about abortion failed to go screamingly uncivil.

The top five most read posts for the last seven days are:

  1. Stitched up (thanks to a link from a terrific post by Anton Vowl)
  2. The Liz Jones theory of just war
  3. Mirror’s Edge: Seeing Is Believing
  4. Filmstar issue 3
  5. About Sarah

And I’ve been listening to the first thing Tom Ewing listened to on headphones: “It was the most exciting sound I had ever heard. Still is.”

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