Weekend roundup

This week on Paperhouse: how I tried and failed to be a junior capitalist, and learned that maybe I’d be more successful as a tree; my friend Chris shared the state of his soul after eight months of watching (and writing about) a movie a day; Adam and Joe found the lyrical side of the glossy tabloid; and I went to see a play, and the play was very good. In boring typographic news, I also discovered the uses of the square bracket in titles. More ecstatically punctuated fun will surely follow.

The top-five most viewed posts for this week were:

  1. Mirror’s Edge: Seeing Is Believing
  2. The Liz Jones theory of just war
  3. [Guest post] One man against the movies
  4. Grows on trees
  5. About Sarah

And, as I’ve had a birthday this week, here’s a song that’s nearly as old as me and incalculably more perfect. See you after the weekend!