Weekend roundup

In the last week on Paperhouse: not much, blogwise. A Venue review of Tom Craine’s stand-up show and a short interview; a long and loving review of Alasdair Gray’s last novel originally published in the ORB; my first feature for the New Statesman, on government funding and support for the games industry; one original Paperhouse piece, noting Peter Hitchens’ idiosyncratic approach to evidence; and a CiF entry on the abuses of evolutionary psychology by headline writers.

The top five most-read posts on Paperhouse were, unsurprisingly, mostly old:

  1. Conserving ignorance
  2. About Sarah
  3. Mirror’s Edge: Seeing Is Believing
  4. The stripped-down documentary
  5. Film reviewing the Christopher Hart way

And my hackery has been powered this week by Fugazi. See you after the weekend/tomorrow!