The Tories, the Mail and the homophobes

The Daily Mail would like its readers to consider homosexuality. In particular, the Ephraim Hardcastle column invites you to reflect on Iain Dale, prospective Tory candidate for Bracknell, in light of his sexuality – “overtly gay”, because in Mail-land the appropriate attitude for gayness is “closeted and depressed”. But there’s more! “Overtly gay” Iain has invited other gays to participate in the political process by giving an interview to PinkNews. “Isn’t it charming how homosexuals rally like-minded chaps to their cause?” sniffs Hardcastle, because the Mail just knows that these gays keep their politics in their jeans’ back pocket.

I hope Iain and his readers will be successful in registering their polite disgust with the newspaper’s editors. And maybe, having been roused to concern over the malign influence of homophobia in politics, they’ll also question their party’s associations in Europe and the alliances that have been formed with overtly gay-hating political groups – although Iain has seemed pretty sanguine about that so far. Maybe they’ll even decide that ad-hom attacks are off-limits, or that tabloid reporting is broken and unreliable. Maybe. But for now, good luck with those complaints.

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3 thoughts on “The Tories, the Mail and the homophobes

  1. Iain Dale was personally aware of a series of homophobic smears against a Liberal Democrat in Guildford. Two Conservative activists (Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers, then closely associated with the Conservative MP Anne Milton) were anonymously publishing and promoting false claims that their political opponent was a paedophile, and at one stage used the man’s status as a homosexual as ‘proof’ of this.

    Iain was provided with evidence (that he still claims not to have looked at) and warned that the perpetrators were definitely sock-puppeting on Paul Staines’ site and most likely his as well. Both Dale and Staines were in a unique position to slap these f**kers down, but they chose to remain silent.

    When later confronted about this, Iain built on anonymous claims made on his site (probably by these same people) that I had ‘stalked’ Anne Milton and implied that I had made up the homophobic attack (or perhaps even imagined it) as part of that.

    Homophobic attacks are wrong. Standing by and allowing them when it suits you politically is downright evil.

  2. I was all for solidarity with Iain on this, but that post on Kaminsky (of whom, as you may gather from Aaro Watch, I’m very suspicious) is weird. “…the Nazis and Soviets who together started WW2…” I really think that honour falls to the Nazis alone. “how many Polish Jews cooperated with the Communists after WW2 to effect massacres of patriotic Poles – any apologies for that likely?” But asking for an apology for this seems to weaken the case that it was simply “one group of Poles against other group of Poles” and that such groups aren’t co-ordinated or have spokespersons to make such apologies. Not that many Polish Jews survived and the word ‘patriotic’ smells of an appeal to the emotions. Anyway, all such massacres were committed by the Communists, and should be apologised for by the Communist Party. I don’t think separating the Jews as a sub-group adds anything. (I just tried Googling for an apology by the Polish CP. I couldn’t find one. Everyone wants apologised to; no one wants to apologise.)
    Iain Dale seems very confident that “Kaminski is neither a homophobe nor an anti-semite”. Time, no doubt, will tell. I only hope that if Dale ever meets Kaminsky, he blogs the encounter.

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