Abort the antichrist!

Steven Glover, floundering under reality’s famed left-wing bias, posits this scenario:

Imagine that you were a brilliant young playwright who had conceived a play about the destructive psychological effects which abortion can have on women. Mr Stephenson or his sidekicks would not clap you on the back. You would be shown the door, if you had ever been let through it.

Steven Glover, “Our cultural elite rejects middle-class values and censors debate”

I’m not sure what would happen in the case of a “brilliant young playwright” but I do know that there are opportunities for the mass-market drama hack  to get their woman-hating thing on at the BBC.  I never thought I’d get to boast that I watch more primetime telly than Steven Glover, because I watch almost no primetime telly at all. But on 4 December, I know from my notebook that I was babysitting and watching “some shit with Judge John Deed in a dogcollar stomping all over an abortion clinic.”


The show was Martin Shaw vehicle Apparitions, with Shaw as authority-figure-gone-edgy Father Jacob, hunting demons – which this episode, happened to be resident in an abortion clinic. The show breezily accepted that Father Jacob was entitled to stalk the waiting rooms and the operating theatres in search of demons to cast out, offered up the chirpy irony of a nurse from the clinic having her brain sucked out her skull in imitation of late-term abortion, and then had Shaw conduct the climactic exorcism in the consulting room to the chorussing cries of the million, million unborn.

Vindictive towards abortion providers, emotively pushing the child-killing line, breezily installing an old celibate as the arbiter of fertility in the fictional clinic – although I suppose it was marginally left of Catholic doctrine, in that it did accept the necessity of abortion in the case of demonic possession. Someone at the BBC really should have seen about getting a review copy over to the Daily Mail.

© Sarah Ditum, 2009