The World Tonight | Do we need women-only spaces?


BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight hosted a discussion between me and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown about Glastonbury’s women-only tent the Sisterhood (actually an area for anyone who “identifies as a woman”). Act of cowardice that bizarrely imitates Islamist segregation, or a noble vision made necessary by the terribleness of men but doomed to failure by gender identity politics? (It’s the last one, obvs, but have a listen anyway.)

Listen to the discussion on iPlayer, from 39:00

Radio 4 | Making History


I was the studio guest for this week’s International Women’s Day episode of Making History with Tom Holland, joined by Professor Louise Jackson from Edinburgh. We talked about the origins of the Women’s Police Service with Dr Naomi Paxton, whether history writing is too conservative with Dr John Gallagher, and my favourite year, which – surprise! – is abortion themed.

Listen to the episode here