Who gained from Hague’s embarrassment?

Guido Fawkes likes to style himself as a bottle-throwing avenger of the internet. No party, no loyalties, nothing but unconstrained contempt for the people in charge and a free-ranging vocabulary of abuse. It’s part of his MO to deny any editorial responsibility for what appears on his site: the comments go unmoderated, even the cartoons he runs get shrugged off as being someone else’s work. (Although maybe that’s just because they’re pisspoor and hideous, and even mendacious polemicists aspire to good taste sometimes.)

He knows what makes him successful: gutter gossip, thrown out wide and quick. It doesn’t matter that most of it doesn’t stick. All he has to do is keep up the fiction of distance from what he produces, which he does in both relatively unsophisticated ways (that arch third-person voice) and bludgeoningly unsophisticated ways (the only time I’ve tangled with him in a comments thread, Staines made a point of denying everything, including things that could be obviously verified and things that hadn’t even been attributed to him). Continue reading