[New Statesman] OK computer

What role can the government play in supporting the creative industries? I started wondering about this when I read games developer David Braben’s interview with Alex Wiltshire for Edge, and the result is this feature for the New Statesman:

The recession has hit the creative industries, for years an important element of New Labour’s vision for a post-industrial economy, and hit hard. Its effect on established areas such as television and print media has been particularly brutal. Yet video games have quietly gone from strength
to strength. Last year, worldwide retail sales of games rose to $32bn (overtaking those of DVD and Blu-ray), with many of the most exciting titles coming out of UK studios.

For the full story on what video games can bring to the economy, how universities are struggling to turn out the sort of graduates the creative industries want, and what the government and opposition are proposing to do about it, read the rest of the article…

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