I get stuff

Not that I am milking my long-ago birthday for blog matter, oh no. But my dear little Ratchet made me this dear little cake (see how here), and seeing it on my mantelpiece every day makes me feel like every day is, in fact, my birthday. Which means that this six-weeks-after-the-fact post is practically timely.

In other stuff-I-have-gotten news, this yarn arrived from New York today. It’s Alchemy Silken Straw, it’s catastrophically expensive, and it’s the most curious and beautiful yarn I’ve handled in all my knitting days. As a knitter whose taste in yarn takes in the whole panoply of options from “DK-weight superwash merino” to “DK-weight superwash cotton-merino mixes”, this is a big leap into the unknown. In the skein, Silken Straw is glorious: crisp, faceted, richly coloured. But winding it (and lord knows I am glad to work in an office with a swift), you get to really understand its strange loveliness, well-evoked by its Rapunzel-ish name. Though it rustles like paper, it’s remarkably strong and promises to become a very special garment – something celebratory, I think.


In January, me and Cupcake Rachel had an idea on the Gchats, inspired by an especially chocolatey round of baking which she was kind enough to share with me:

1:07 PM me: The cookies are whispering to me!
They want me to eat them all!
1:09 PM Rachel: I can always make more!
1:10 PM You’d better do as they say, or they’ll feel rejected, become cookie hermits, and then flee the tin on a murderous rampage!
1:11 PM me: I wish you’d do that as an illustrated series.
1:13 PM It could be Achewood for baked goods…
1:15 PM Rachel: Gasp!
1:16 PM me: I thought of that while eating a cookie, so it’s definitely the will of the cookie hermits, and something you should do forthwith!
1:20 PM Rachel: I knew Nigella was good, but I never expected her to come up with sentient telepathic cookies!
It took a while to understand where this inspiration was headed, but when our Achewood-loving, cheesecake-devouring friend Joel announced that he was moving to London to pursue the shining star of men’s lifestyle journalism, we finally knew. Cakewood was born…