Supersize fibs

Of all the bullshit that is bullshitted, some of the sloppiest, stickiest nonsense is the stuff about diets and exercise, and there’s more of it around in January than at any other time of year. Well, apart from the bikini diets in June, the Christmas party body blitzes, the Easter eggs-ercise routines and, for all I bloody know, the Ascension Day ass-sculpting. The point is, this stuff just goes on and on, accompanied by the low whine of concern about the obesity crisis as journalists wibble on about how the nation got so fat (and meanwhile, picture editors wibble on about how they didn’t get into this business to source endless footage of broad, trembling backsides shuffling down highstreets). Continue reading

[Guest post] A fat tax won’t help the nation get thinner

Joel Snape is features editor of Men’s Fitness and he thinks you should eat more steak

David Cameron doesn’t want you to get fat, and he’s losing patience with you. At the start of his term as PM, he was all for “nudging” you to get in better shape with healthcare incentives, but now, with more than half of adult men and 40 percent of women predicted to be obese by 2030, he’s told 5 News that he’s not ruling out a “fat tax” which would increase the prices of foods considered unhealthy. Continue reading