Flex some consumer muscle

The gym contract is a swindle. Once you’ve paid your money and signed the papers, you’re not that likely to go back. Instead, a mixture of indolence and guilt means you keep on letting the direct debits trickle out of your account while you tell yourself that, yes, last month you failed but this month will be different. You’ll be the mayor of the NordicTrack cross trainer! You’ll trudge along on that treadmill with the noble dedication of an ultramarathoner! Other gym users will look at you with an awed sort of slant, and murmer, “Hey, you really seem to know your way around!”  Continue reading

[Guest post] A physical education for Liz Jones

Joel Snape is features editor of Men’s Fitness, and he think Liz Jones is wrong about sport

Firstly, let me say that I think Fatima Whitbread is awesome. Secondly: Liz Jones has written one of those Mail columns where she vacillates between self-pity, uninformed opinions, countrywide psychoanalysis and contradictory statements so fast that you finish reading it confused and vaguely angry. Normally the best thing to do in response to this sort of thing is snort and post something cynical on Twitter, but there were enough echoes of things that I’ve heard normal people say about exercise in it that I thought it was worth responding to properly. Continue reading

[Guest post] A fat tax won’t help the nation get thinner

Joel Snape is features editor of Men’s Fitness and he thinks you should eat more steak

David Cameron doesn’t want you to get fat, and he’s losing patience with you. At the start of his term as PM, he was all for “nudging” you to get in better shape with healthcare incentives, but now, with more than half of adult men and 40 percent of women predicted to be obese by 2030, he’s told 5 News that he’s not ruling out a “fat tax” which would increase the prices of foods considered unhealthy. Continue reading

Run to your grave

I love running. All the same, a lot of my reasons for exercising could fairly be called “a bit negative”. I live in terror of mortality. Not of death: dying, based on the couple of times I’ve been ill enough to slip out of consciousness, is going to be a piece of piss. Maybe I’m just exceptionally bad with pain, but mid-agony, the promise that it will all fade into hushed darkness when you shut your eyes is actually not that terrible. Continue reading