Ghada Amer At The Brooklyn Museum

Those Disney princesses have got a lot to answer for. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel have been icons of femininity to millions of girl children, convincing us that one day our prince would come, that you might as well stay in bed until he does, and that any body modification – even trading flippers for feet – is reasonable if it helps us get our man. I’m feeling this particularly keenly at the moment because my own daughter has recently developed a fixation on a Little Mermaid Barbie, and taken to carrying it around, caressing the doll’s hair and stroking its body (she’s two – if there is a singular moment at which body image issues begin, I think I’ve just seen it). So Ghada Amer‘s feminist agit-prop was particularly welcome when I saw it in the Brooklyn Museum Of Art in March this year. Continue reading