Gentle Jane

I’ve been cogitating on my response to the Pinnyporn furore for most of the last week. (If you need a bit of background on Pinnyporn, have a look at this blog, this book, this column, and this interview.) There have been a couple of barriers to me setting out my feelings on the matter, the most crippling of which is that I haven’t read the book. I’ve been intending to go to Waterstone’s and flick through it: unfortunately, children, housework, errands and thesis-work have denied me that particular luxury (and yes, that massive clunking noise was the sound of a Heavy Irony drawing attention to itself). If that doesn’t convince you that my commentary is going to be ill-informed and speculative, please bear in mind that I don’t read Yarnstorm either – having recoiled from the blog in a combination of class discomfort (a bit like Alice) and downright jealousy. Continue reading