Live music: 65daysofstatic

The Thekla, Bristol, 4 July 2009

65daysofstatic(Photo by seanjp, used under Creative Commons license.)

Power means nothing without precision. The huge, headstomping, heartshaking noise that 65days generate is shaped and sharpened by the extraordinary unity of their playing. When they speak to the crowd between songs, it’s with the relaxed tone of people doing something they love with friends; when they play, it’s with gang fury, bound by sound and storming the audience. From the first note of the set, 65days are incredibly loud, and they never back down – the audience cheers ecstatic throughout (but especially when Radio Protector and Retreat! Retreat! come out) and it’s obvious that this crowd belongs to 65days. We want them to be bigger, noisier, fiercer, to fill us with sound and make us a part of their explosion. The electronic sounds that squall on record, thunder live; the band play with huge gestures, guitar necks blurring and drumsticks raised high, but never with any slack. Astonishing.

© Sarah Ditum 2009.