New Statesman | The US election is now a referendum on the role of women


Maybe one day, when this brutal presidential election is over, Hillary Clinton will look on Melania Trump with sympathy. The prospective Republican First Lady’s experience sometimes seems like an anxiety dream rerun of Clinton’s own time stumping for job of wife-in-chief back in 1992. Even before Bill Clinton had the Democratic nomination, rumours about his infidelities were being kicked up, and in a bid to outflank them, the Clintons appeared in a joint interview on the CBS current affairs show 60 Minutes. “I’m not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,” she said, the extreme humiliation of her situation registering as perhaps the tiniest flicker of her perfectly composed face. “I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him.”

Another decade, another TV set, another consort to a nominee called on to defend her husband’s honour. After the release of Donald Trump’s grotesque “grab her by the pussy” comments from 2005, Melania has headed out to do her wifely duty. But where the Clintons in 1992 had the benefit of uncertainty – the allegations against Bill were unproven – Melania is going up against the implacable fact of recorded evidence, and going up alone. Even leaving aside the boasts about sexual assault, which she’s at pains to discount, this still leaves her talking about a tape of her husband declaring that he “tried to fuck” another woman when he was only newly married.

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Woke Up Elated

which is not how I normally feel, and definitely not how I normally feel with regard to politics, and especially not how I feel with regard to US politics. But, having spent most of the last seven years secretly fearing that I’ve delivered my children into the end-times of human history, with fundamentalists invading the heart of the West’s most powerful government and the leading superpower running a war-mongering foreign policy which shamelessly played out the worst of geopolitics – well, this has got to be better. And even if there is an unsustainable degree of romance about at the moment, this is still a pretty huge reason to believe in improvement.

Surprise of this morning: McCain in defeat is charming and respectful, containing his baying followers with substantial dignity. It’s a bit fucking late but it still gave me a choked-up feeling.