The New Day | So, if Hillary becomes the first woman US President, will it change the world?


Out of 142 countries in the world, 79 have never had a female leader. Given that women make up half the population of every state, it would be reasonable for women to do half the governing, but we are nowhere near. So even if the only difference between Hillary and the male alternative is that she’s Madam rather than Mr President, that’s important.

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New Statesman | Relive your worst experiences for $15 an hour: how confessional journalism exploits women writers


Let me tell you about the worst thing that ever happened to me, the most terrible thing I’ve ever done. Let me tell you everything there is to know about me, all the buried markers of self that live under my skin. OK not that one, and I’ll keep that one too. I have to have something left over, after all. Even so, I’ve written about being the May Queen at school, and the time I got flashed in an underpass; about having depression as a teenager, and the unplanned pregnancy that became my son.

Actually, I’ve written about that last one twice: my first successful pitch for a comment piece was a response to anti-abortion comments by the then-influential semi-thinker Phillip Blond. It was a kind of pitch I now refer to now as the “what I think about X as a Y”: what I think about abortion as a woman who had and chose to continue an unplanned pregnancy. Experience is capital, and in 2009, I used it to buy my way into writing.

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